Vestry and Leadership Today


Epiphany Church is in a discernment process to identify a new, full-time rector. At this time, we have engaged a long-term supply clergy to meet our sacramental needs.

Senior Warden

Shawn Milleville serves as Epiphany’s Senior Warden.

Program Associates

Dr. Maryellen Polvino-Bodnar, Pastoral Associate
Dr. Mark Hardy, Choir Director
Debbie Leonard, Sunday School

Officers of the Congregation

Shawn Milleville, Senior Warden
Frank Hood, Junior Warden
Michael Gorham, Treasurer
Alex deWit, Assistant Treasurer
Robyn Kreis, Registrar

Committees & Guilds

Tina Lawrence, Altar Guild Director
Mabel Quarcoopome, Coordinator for Lay Readers
Coral Codner, Service Guild President
Joe Gill, B&G Club Meade Village Coordinator 
Kathleen deWit, Shawn Milleville, Donna Watts-Lamont, Cemetery Trustees 

Vestry Members

Anna Barton
Catherine Clair
Chuck Davis
Judy Feldt
Alberto James
Robyn Kreis
Mary Levy
Debbie Leonard
Mabel Quarcoopome
Kate Raney
Donna Watts-Lamont
Joan Yamashita